Tuesday, 6 January 2009

New semester and New 'N.I.A.T'


Hi everyone... I have just had a look at some of my friends' blogs... WOW! I have suddenly been infected with inferiority complex! Yeah, it overwhelms me...Yet, i'll try to internalise Dr.Izaham's words- CONTINUE TO BE POSITIVE...

Okay, forget about being 'little' for a while...

Now, friends out there... it's a new semester again. I know it's already the second week of the semester... but I believe that it's not too late for me to say something about it... (well, i mean 'write' something---- see? how i love verbal talking/communication rather than communicating via this so-called advanced tool???)

So, entering the new semester... let's reflect--- how did we start our new beginning? Have we set the intention in our 'qalb'? Have we reminded ourselves that this would be our final and last semester of all? Have we told our inner selves that we are here to REALLY learn lessons? Have we advised ourselves to think wisely and act appropriately? Have we???

Friends, Rasulullah always reminded his ummah--- "Innamal 'a'malu binniaat---"Verily, start things off with good intentions in heart" . So, wait no more, lets set our 'niat'. Believe it or not, good intention leads to good deed, and good deed leads to good result.

I guess, that's all for now. I believe in 'short-yet-precise- and-simple- but- meaningful' principle. hope we all learn something from each other.... till we meet again! Salam alaik.

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